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Amarone Wine e-Bike Tour in Valpolicella


Embark on a wine e-bike tour through the enchanting countryside surrounding Verona, leaving the city behind.

Discover the beauty of lush vineyards and breathtaking landscapes as you ride along. Join our local insider who will guide you on an amazing Amarone wine e-bike tour in Valpolicella. This picturesque region surrounding Verona is known for its vineyards and stunning scenery.

Choose your preferred eBike and set off on an easy and enjoyable journey through the magnificent Amarone vineyards. After a leisurely ride through the green hills, you'll arrive at a captivating family-run winery nestled in the heart of Valpolicella. The winemaker will warmly welcome you and share the story of their business and its deep connection to the land. Explore the cellar, learn about the drying process, and stroll through the vineyards that produce the unique and world-renowned Valpolicella wines. Indulge in a wine tasting experience that includes the exquisite Amarone, expertly paired with delicious local products.

Capture some unforgettable moments with photographs of the stunning surroundings before embarking on a comfortable and panoramic e-bike ride back to Verona city center. Immerse yourself in the essence of Valpolicella, savoring the flavors of its wines and appreciating the beauty of the countryside, all while enjoying a memorable e-bike adventure.

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  • Amusing wine e-Bike tour for an effortless experience in the countryside
  • Visit a selected winery in Valpolicella wine region and meet the winemake
  • Enjoy a wine tasting session including the famous Amarone
  • Local bike guide to discover the most beautiful corners of the valley

Tour Includes

  • Tour guide
  • e-Bike
  • Winery visit
  • Wine tasting


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