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British Airways Excellence Award 2019

Among the leaders of the hotel industry and 'Made in Italy', the three 5-star hotels belonging to the DuetorriHotels group have received the 2019 British Airways Customer Excellence Award. The Bernini Palace in Florence, the Grand Hotel Majestic "già Baglioni" in Bologna and the Due Torri Hotel in Verona have won the award, which rewards the quality of hospitality as perceived by customers.  


An oriental saying claims that happiness has many "houses": it is where we once breathed a special atmosphere, and where we thus dream to return. Three of these houses are located in Florence, Bologna and Verona. This is supported by the impartial reviews that have allowed the Bernini Palace, the Grand Hotel Majestic "già Baglioni" and the Due Torri Hotel respectively to obtain the 2019 British Airways Customer Excellence Award. The three structures — all belonging to the Duetorrihotels group, a leader in the hotel industry — have won this major prize. This recognition is awarded by British Airways Holidays, one of the leading tour operators in the United Kingdom, and is dedicated to hotels with the best customer satisfaction.
The award honors three buildings in the heart of the historic center of three art heritage cities. These are structures that house true masterpieces, actively participate in the local cultural life and offer a welcome that sums up the best of ‘Made in Italy’, i.e. attention to detail, luxury, quality, service and a real ability to attune to its guests. This significant reward concerns three of the group's hotels, testifying to the value of a team that in every city has been able to combine the ability to “read" the needs and desires of each client with a strong international vocation.





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