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The green and sustainable heart of the Due Torri in Verona

The green and sustainable heart of the Due Torri in Verona


Fri, 06/04/2021 - 09:00

The Due Torri Hotel Lounge

The symbol of Veronese hospitality, this hotel was built in the 14th century. By surviving the centuries intact, it has already won the challenge of history and the passing of time. The lasting heritage concept is thus part of its DNA, as is the idea of handing down to future generations the beauty, nature and love of the local area. This is why the Due Torri commits every day to implementing the concept of sustainability with good practices. How? Let’s see.

A hotel in permanent evolution

In the course of its long history, the Due Torri saw the rise and fall of the Della Scala family, the Lords of Verona. Originally known as Palazzo dell’Aquila, or Palace of the Eagle, by 1674 it had been repurposed as an inn. After changing owners on various occasions, it eventually lived a second lease of life as the Grand Hotel Imperiale, and in a short space of time became the most famous in town.

The palazzo has been the scene of episodes such as the coronation in exile of King Louis XVII if France and the signing of the Treaty of Villafranca. In 1866, from the balcony of the suite that looks onto Piazza Santa Anastasia, Garibaldi harangued the crowd with a famous speech. Important personages from every era have stayed here: from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe to Maria Callas, Vittorio De Sica, Rita Levi Montalcini, Margaret Thatcher and many others, such as – in more recent times – the charismatic actor Morgan Freeman, who visited Verona with a producer of his. 

Albeit firmly anchored in the past, the Due Torri has managed to prosper in every epoch thanks to its singular capacity to evolve: attention to green issues is its latest major challenge.

The Presidential Suite

The Due Torri’s green revolution involves practical choices

To promote eco-sustainable tourism, the Due Torri has given life to the so-called Progetto Green, a project involving every space, from the communal areas to the rooms. One of the key concepts is selection of products and service suppliers according to ecological criteria. For example, the hotel collaborates with the Pedersoli Group, one of the first companies anywhere to receive ISO 9001 process certification and UNI EN 14065 product hygienic quality certification for the treatment of all textiles. The sourcing of sustainable green materials extends to garment bags for wardrobes, disposable slipper wrappers and, whenever possible, all other products.

It’s the details that reveal the degree to which the Due Torri is committed. Take communication, for example: even our “I libri della buonanotte” (Goodnight Books) library dedicated to the hotel, whose books are to be found in all rooms, is produced with FSC paper, which has transparent wood certification.

Cleaning is just as important: products such as detergents and sanitisers are biodegradable and contained in PET recyclable resin bottles, while guests’ garment bags are made of corn starch.

In their rooms or in meeting rooms, guests are offered cups individually sealed in biodegradable plastic wrapping and glass bottles. Materials that demand special attention, such as toners and waste batteries, are disposed of separately.

Another important aspect is energy saving, with low-consumption LEDs being used to replace all sources of illumination. They not only reduce energy consumption by 80% compared to traditional ones, but also lower CO2 emissions. It has been calculated that in this way it is possible to save the equivalent of eight trees for every guest.

Last but not least, the hotel offers its guests Segafredo coffee and Damman Frères tea, which boast further certifications of environmental sustainability, and Trussardi line courtesy sets produced with recycled plastic from the world’s oceans.  

All the actions of Due Torri and the whole Gruppo Duetorrihotels are geared to more sustainable tourism, with an ever attentive eye to more innovative solutions.


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